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Dr. Kelly Chwojdak

  • ""I am always grateful that Safe Harbor exists and is in my life! I full believe in Dr. Kelly's abilities & love the environment. I love Jen & Chrissy too!"

    Before care: "I was completely stiff & in a lot of pain."

    After care: "I have experienced my body's structure improve with less pain & problems.""
  • ""Coming to Safe Harbor & seeing Dr. Kelly has helped me in many ways. My back & Neck were really painful & are not so much better. I feel good! Now we are working on my nutrition. She is amazing!"

    Before care: "Neck & back pain & very little motion in my neck."

    After care: "The pain is much less & I have more motion in my neck.""
  • ""Thank you for all your help with my health! Dr. Kelly & her staff are amazing!"

    Before care: "Back pain, knee & hip popping, hormone imbalance, ulcertive colitis"

    After care: "No more pain & popping, ulcertive colitis is in remission, hormones are more regulated.""
  • ""I can't imagine not coming for monthly alighnments. I would have a much poorer quality of life & restriction of what I like to do most. Everyone is professional & friendly- scheduling is flexible & accommodating- I so look forward to my visits."

    Before care: Lower back pain, 3 ruptured discs, regularly bed ridden with severe pain for several days."

    After care: Relatively pain free for 1+ year. Monthly alignments & orthotics have works miracles.""
  • ""It took me a while to find a chiropractor after my last one retired. I am so grateful Dr. Kelly does KST as this is exactly what I needed."

    Before care: "Very bad sciatica, neck pain & back pain"

    After care: "Sciatica is now gone & I just feel so much better overall.""
  • ""I will be coming here until I'm 80 years old! The improvement in my health, mentally & physically is astounding. The care Dr. Kelly provides is life no other. The staff are compassionate & respectful. I look forward to every appointment. Just wish the office was closer."

    Before care: "Anxiety, achiness, pain"

    After care: "Relief of all of the above""
  • ""At my first visit with Dr. Kelly, I was hopeful but unsure if I would get the rsults I needed. The day after my first adjustment I woke hungry (I had been nauseous for months) & I felt energized. Who knew such small adjustments would make a world of difference! I have never looked back & continue on this path of feeling well. Dr. Kelly can & will get the results necessary to improve how one feels. Thank you Dr. Kelly!"

    Before care: "Nausea, lathargy, back & feet pain"

    After care: Everything has improved!"
  • ""I have had digestive & gall bladder problems & Dr. Kelly has helped me, many times. Safe Harbor is a great place. I recommend it to everyone."

    Before care: Thyroid, digestive, weight, migraines, gall bladder & neuralgia problems."

    After care: "Good health & relief from my symptoms.""

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