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Welcome to Safe Harbor Chiropractic, PC

At Safe Harbor Chiropractic, PC, our purpose is to INSPIRE you to direct your INTENTION to heal yourself! Sometimes your nerve system can have interferences or subluxations for various reasons related to physical, chemical or emotional stressors. These intereferences (subluxations) block the way your body functions and patterns develop. When patterns expressed in the body block your Innate Intelligence, you begin to feel and function differently. Sometimes you may not even be aware of these changes until the patterns have been there for a prolonged time. That's when you realize your quality of life has changed. Some of these changes may include your emotional and mental well-being, sleep patterns, concentration, moods, functional abilities, unable to recover from injuries or you seem to injure quickly, getting sick often, or tripping over your feet are some examples.

We have a variety of noninvasive approaches from various chiropractic techniques, including KST (Koren Specific Technique) Hydromassage, HALO Botanical Light Therapy, Nutritional Response Therapy, Heart Sound Recorder and Kinesiology Taping. We invite you to browse our website and become an educated wellness minded person!

To make an appointment, feel free to call us directly or message us by clicking on the "Contact Us" button at the top of this page.

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We look forward to helping you reach your wellness goals!

Dr. Kelly Chwojdak
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Hamburg, NY 14075

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